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Concept of INWFC

Post  heavenqueen on Wed Feb 27, 2008 10:46 pm

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the first platform of the International Nightwish Fanclub!
Of course there will be a real homepage soon, just give me some time for creating it ;-)
Until it's finished, this forum will provide all kind of information concerning the formation of our
new FC.

For now, I'll present you the first basic concept of the INWFC:

Main idea:

Get to know as much NW fans from all over the world as possible, organise gatherings and travels to concerts and other events. The most important purpose is therefore getting to know new people who are listening to the same kind of music and having the same interests.
We want to support the intercultural communication as much as possible, that’s the reason why we call us an “International Fanclub” instead of e.g. “German Fanclub”.
Another reason is the world wide popularity of NW. Because there are many, many fans out there, we thought there must be ONE contact point for them all, not only the regional fanclubs.

Structure of FC: There will be no single “leader” so far. Recommended will be a group of responsible persons in every country and city, so we can assure availability at every time and every place to our members. For clarifying this structure we've created a little diagram, check it out below!

Explanation of the diagram:
Because we’re called an international fan club, we have to actually BE international, i.e. there must be a couple of states involved. Due to the fact that the initiators are situated in Germany, there must be at least one person in every other state that acts as an extension for the initiators in Germany. These people will be called “State Managers” (SM).
Every SM will be responsible for the members of the particular state but will of course be instructed by the initiators and get supported by them and the other SM’s.
As soon as there are enough members, there will also be so called “City Managers” who will be responsible for the members of their particular city and support the SM’s.

Planned offerings and activities:

[list][*]Chat & Forum, fast communication between the members => Skype Cast, live conversations
[*]Support for your travels => tips were to find accommodation possibilities, either offerings for
hostels/hotels or private places.
[*]Visit NW concerts and discover new cities with other club members
[*]Non concert related gatherings whenever there’s time
[*]Fan club magazine where members can make effort in writing articles, poems and everything else they want concerning Nightwish, the fan club and music and art in general.
=> Everyone will be allowed to partake in the magazine. Due to the international status of the FC, the magazine will probably be published not only in English but will also contain parts written in other languages for those who are not very familiar with English. Because of the current finances, there will be at first only an online magazine available
[*]Provide as much information about the band as we can (please read latest objectives section) including the whole past, side projects, current situation, future and of course we’ll give you information of all NW releases and merchandising.
If something is not available in your country, we’ll try to get access to it in another one and will
seek a way for sending it to you.
[*]A membership card
Please note: the initiators will need help from all people interested in this project. All points mentioned above are still in a PLANNING PROCESS. Every idea and offering to support this planning process is most welcome. An of course, the list above will be continued!

There will be no membership fee at all, but since we'll have to send the membership cards to our international members, there will be an admission fee of €5,00 that covers the production and shipping costs.

Latest objectives:
Get accepted as an official fan club, so we can provide an high amount of information about the band i.e. tour dates, latest news etc.
An e-mail to the band’s management has already been sent, I’ll give you information about the answer as soon as we get one. ;-)


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